Omfale & Hebe

Dance suites à la française
J.-Ph. Rameau, G. Ph. Telemann, R. Keiser

Wednesday 21. 06. 2023 | 19.00 Strahov Monastery, Summer Refectory
Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, Praha 1
with intermission


Jean-Philipp Rameau (1683–1764)
Suite from Les fêtes d´Hébé


Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767)

Ouvertura „L´Omphale“, TWV 55:e8


Flute concerto in B minor, TWV 51:h1




Reinhard Keiser (1674–1739)
Suite from the opera Hercules und Hebe


Georg Philipp Telemann

Ouvertura „Les Flots“, TWV 55:A2


The final concert of the spring series of Baroque Soirées will present another level of George Philipp Telemann’s diverse oeuvre. Like his German contemporaries, Telemann was also interested in French music – he was inspired by it in his work that attempted to combine the best elements of different national styles. He first became acquainted with French music at the court of Count Promnitz in Sorau, Lusatia, and even years later he said of his concerts that “they smell of France”. As a musician already widely recognized in Europe, he also visited France in person. He accepted an invitation from the best musicians in Paris and stayed in the city on the Seine for eight months. He used his stay, among other things, to publish the second series of the Paris Quartets. Telemann’s works inspired by French music, as well as those by his colleague from Hamburg, Reinhard Keiser, will be complemented by the incomparable Jean-Philippe Rameau. In the performance by the Collegium Marianum ensemble under the direction of Jana Semerádová you will be able to listen to works infused by the scents of France and inspired by the mythical women of Heracles – the fierce Omphale and beautiful Hebe.


Jana Semerádová – flauto traverso
Lenka Torgersen – Baroque violin
Vojtěch Semerád – Baroque violin
Andreas Torgersen – Baroque viola
Hana Fleková – Baroque cello
Filip Hrubý – harpsichord
Ján Prievozník – double bass
Jan Krejča – theorbo


Strahov Monastery, Summer Refectory

Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, Praha 1

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Partners of the concert

With the kind support of the Royal Canonry of Premonstratensians at Strahov.