The 22nd edition of the Baroque Soirées will introduce listeners to the artistry of Bohemian composers in the context of their contemporaries from neighbouring countries, as well as those from more distant musical centres. Prague attracted the most important personalities of musical life, especially in the periods when it was the seat of the imperial court or later during important political events. Such an event was the coronation in 1723 of Charles VI as King of Bohemia, accompanied by numerous spectacular musical productions. At this time, Count Václav Morzin also maintained an ensemble consisting of very capable musicians and composers, whose works gradually met with success on concert stages. We owe the preservation of these works to the collections of the court ensemble of Dresden, another centre with close links to Bohemia and its local musicians. The programme will include performances of undeservedly forgotten works, introduce audiences to lesser-known composers and, in conjunction with masterpieces that have already earned their place in the repertoire, offer a broad palette of musical life in Prague and its surrounding centres during the 17th and early 18th centuries.