L’Arte del Violino

Virtuoso violin sonatas and trio sonatas

Tuesday 10. 11. 2020 | 19.30 Grand Prior's Palace, Knight's Hall
Velkopřevorské nám. 4, Praha 1


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Pietro Locatelli (1695–1764)
Sonata in G major Op. 5, No. 1
Andante, Largo-Andante, Allegro, Vivace


Francesco Antonio Bonporti (1672–1749)
Invenzione in G minor Op. 10, No. 4
Largo, Balletto-Allegro, Aria-Adagio, Corrente-Presto


Francesco Maria Veracini (1690–1768)
Sonata in G minor No. 2
Largo, Allegro, Largo, Allegro


Giuseppe Tartini (1692–1770)
Sonata in G minor „Didone abbandonata“ Op. 1, No. 10
Affettuoso, Presto, Allegro


Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741)
Sonata in D major, RV 84
Allegro, Andante, Allegro


The concert will feature the finer intricacies of chamber music playing alongside the virtuosity of both the violin and flute. The most distinguished violin virtuosos of the late Baroque period came from Italy. They were celebrated both at home and abroad and were no strangers to Prague on their travels.



Lenka Torgersen – Baroque violin
Jana Semerádová – flauto traverso
Hana Fleková – Baroque cello
Marek Čermák – harpsichord
Jan Krejča – theorbo


Grand Prior's Palace, Knight's Hall

Velkopřevorské nám. 4, Praha 1

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Partners of the concert

Special thanks to the Order of Malta – Grand Priory of Bohemia.