Loyalty programme and Reductions

4+ Reduction

  • Upon purchase of tickets for 4 or more concerts, a reduction of 20 % on the price of each ticket applies.
  • 4+ Reduction is only available at the Festival Center.


  • The loyalty programme applies only to tickets purchased online. To obtain the bonus it is necessary to register to the Loyalty Programme prior to purchasing the tickets.
  • Providing you confirmed your wish to enter the loyalty programme while booking your tickets you are entitled to the reduction of 200 CZK from each 2000 CZK spent online on tickets to the 2018 Summer Festivities of Early Music. Individual transactions add up; it is thus not necessary to reach the 2000 CZK limit with a single purchase.
  • The reduction voucher can be then used for the purchase of one ticket of any value for a performance at the 2018 Summer Festivities of Early Music.
  • The purchase must be made via the registered email address.
  • The reduction voucher cannot be combined with other reductions and can only be used for transactions online.
  • The reduction voucher cannot be used in the Festival Center or at Colloseum Ticket sales points.
  • In case of purchasing a ticket of cheaper than the value of the voucher, the difference cannot be reimbursed.
  • The reduction vouchers expire on 9 August 2018.
  • A summary of your acquired bonuses and information about your loyalty programme can be found upon log-in to the reservation system of the Summer Festivities of Early Music.

Senior 63+, students and ZTP card-holders

  • Senior citizens(aged 63+) and students are entitled to a 10% reduction on the ticket price on presentation of the appropriate documentation.
  • A 50% reduction on tickets is offered for ZTP (1 person) and ZTP-P (1 person and 1 accompanying) card-holders.
  • These reductions cannot be combined with 4+ Reduction

Club Collegium!

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Special offer for students

    • From 26 April 2018 a special students reduction will be available for selected concerts (1 ticket per 100 CZK). These tickets will only be available to ISIC holders, after they have registered using a vaild ISIC in the advance sale system of the Summer Festivities of Early Music. The tickets, which are not attached to praticular seats, will be available in limited numbers.
    • A valid ISIC entitles the holder to the purchase of one ticket only per each of the concerts to which the Special Offer for Students applies.
    • At the concert hall, ticket holders will be asked to show their valid ISIC card with which the ticket has been purchased.
    • Ticket holders will be conducted to available seats by the organizer shortly before the start of the concert.
    • NB: The price of the ticket in the Special Offer for Students regime will only appear on the screen after you have completeed to log-in using your custormer's account.


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